Close Protection

This course is based on the Israeli SHABACK 730 unit (a unit of which Idan Abolnik was also a member). This unit provides all the protection for the Prime Minister, President and other ministers of Israel.

Today, most of the good close protection units around the world use the SHABACK 730 program.

All members of this unit come from Israeli special units. Applicants must pass a rigorous selection process of the SHABACK 730 unit and then pass a 9 week course, called the GR course. Thereafter the applicant must continue and complete a specialized course called the BARICH course.

We use the same program (our course is 4 weeks in length however) in our close protection courses, which means it is very challenging, mentally and physically.

Our course is almost 90% practical and 10% theoretical. Sitting in a lecture room and learning practical skills from a white board will never equip you for real world situations. The only way to instinctively react is to practice skills repeatedly under all sorts of conditions.

Participation in this course is subject to passing a selection process.


Golani develops and provides special training courses in various subjects of combat which are the most effective and meets the needs of the client.

Our SWAT courses are based on the Israeli counter terrorism unit (Yamam). This unit specialises in any kind of hostage rescue, whether being in a house, plane, bus or anywhere else for that matter.

The techniques used are the most advanced in the Israeli Special Forces. This training is specifically for law enforcement and military units.

Participation in this course is subject to passing a selection process.

Personal Security Details (PSD)

With the war on terrorism and its consequences, a need for a new type of security operator emerged.

It is no secret that PSD teams are used extensively in war zones accross the world to protect valuable resources and VIP's. Our training program for PSD personnel will equip them to deal with the new challenges faced by operators in such environments.

When the need for this new type of operator emerged, it was mostly filled by CPO's, as a CPO's training is perceived to most closely fit the skills needed by a PSD operator. The problem is that CPO training does NOT prepare you for half the challenges faced in a warzone.

CPO training does not involves some of the soldiering elements needed by PSD operators. CPO work is defensive in nature and PSD work in a warzone needs a defensive and also offensive capability and mentality.

Our PSD course covers all the necessary training, where a PSD operator is more closely trained as a combat special forces platoon soldier. This allows the PSD operator to not just defend his VIP or valuable resource, but also fight in a warzone situation to save lives.

Participation in this course is subject to passing a selection process.

Counter Terrorism

Terrorism is probably the biggest global threat and affects us all in some way or another. The war on terrorism is the most difficult war that has ever faced the world.

Combatting terrorism is extremely difficult and complex, as the enemy is completely unseen. Their fanatic belief system makes this all the more difficult to overcome. This is why terrorism is so difficult to eliminate, and it's not even possible to eliminate all together.

Terrorists have significant resources, helping them to also develop themselves. For anyone to be able to combat terrorism, we must continuously develop our elite/intelligence units, as they are fighting against a well developed and well trained enemy.

Terrorism isn't just about religion anymore, but is also about wealth and power.

To learn more about what we offer in terms of training, feel free to contact us.

Participation in this course is subject to passing a selection process.

Transport Marshal

Golani has developed the most advanced program for airline and airport security. Covering everything from the security company to security managers, supervisors, air marshals, security personal profile selectors and much more. This program is based on the EL/AL Israeli airline of today. Recently, more and more airline companies are basing their security on the EL/AL security program.

Participation in this course is subject to passing a selection process.

Training Videos

Here are some Specialised Training videos. These are for reference only, not for self teaching! There is much more to it then what you see in these videos, so it should be seen as such.

NOTE: We'll be updating these older videos soon.

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The following selection scriteria applies to the following courses:

  • Close Protection
  • SWAT
  • Personal Security Details (PSD)
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Transport Marshal

To take part in any of the above courses, the candidate must meet the following physical requirements:

  • Push-ups: 40 in 1 minute
  • Sit-ups: 50 in 1 minute
  • Pull-ups: 10 - no time limit
  • Run: 2km in 9 minute
  • Sprint: 200m in 40 seconds

Upon completion of the physical tests, the candidate will also be tested on mental prowess. The content and format of this test will not be disclosed.

Finally, Golani will reserve the right to refuse training to any person based on other criteria (criminal records etc.)