Close Protection

We can provide Close Protection personnel to secure a VIP or a group of VIPs during any point in time or when performing particular functions, such as:

  • Traveling
  • Business trips
  • Vacation
  • State visits

Our services are based on the use of professional personnel, advanced security plans, low profile protection and advanced intelligence. All techniques and knowledge are based on the Israeli Close Protection Unit 730.

We also provide professional driving personnel, trained specifically for VIP protection security.

All our services include the necessary coordination with other security personnel and law enforcement.

Transport Marshals

Marshal security is a system that makes use of low profile/under cover security techniques. This type of security system is effective for most types of security needs, as it gives the operative the element of surprise.

Marshal security makes use of intelligence work and high risk assessment as it relates to the project in question.

All marshal security personel are highly trained and are very suitable to the following types of security needs:

  • Airplanes
  • Airports
  • Ships
  • Harbours
  • Busses
  • Trains
  • Train stations
  • Courts
  • High risk events
  • Close Protection

Comodity Transport

Golani offers advanced public transportation security services and the development of a customized security concept that is cost effective. Security programs include these physical and technological curriculums:

  • Assistance in recruiting professional security personnel
  • Training programs
  • Consulting
  • Follow up services

These services can be offered as full packages or in phases according to the client's needs.

Security Risk Management

Golani, although a South African company, draws on its Israeli counter terrorism and government level security experience to conduct security risk assessments and construct security plans that when implemented can enhance infrastructure and/or personnel security tremendously.

Israel has some of the most sound and effective security implementations in the world, that has prevented staggering numbers of attacks that face the rest of the world today.

As a South African company Golani has leveraged the knowledge of the Israeli security framework to mitigate any security threat type facing the world today.

Golani uses a 3 phase process to address any type of physical security threat or perceived threat.

Golani's security risk management process addresses physical security issues. We do not address information or other non-tangible security issues.

The 3 phases of the security risk management process are:

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security/Risk Mitigation Plan Construction
  • Security/Risk Mitigation Plan Implementation

The success of any security implementation revolves around the security plan, but also around the implementation of that plan. If the security plan is effective but the implementation is poor, security will fail. This is also especially critical when it comes to personnel and their training.

Golani thus recommends that the full cycle of security assessment and implementation be handled by Golani.