Why Is Kalah System the Best

The Kalah System is not a sports fighting system, nor is it what would be commonly labeled as a self-defense program. It’s combat system. This means that it deals with real world violence, in a real way.

Kalah is the end result of countless years tactical experience and as such is best described as a complete combat system. It encompasses a full hand-to-hand combat syllabus, weapons and firearms training as well as other areas of specialism including close protection.

Training in the system is hard. Students are exposed to world-class techniques but also trained to face, understand and ultimately cope with the fear of violence itself. It is this level of realism that sets Kalah apart from other systems. We believe in pushing our training to the limit, testing our techniques under real pressure to make sure that when you need it you have the best chance of survival.

Kalah teaches students to deal with the psychological and physiological effects of combat (the adrenaline dump experienced when threatened or attacked, the shock of the fight, the physical demands of combat) building confidence through practical training.

  • No fancy kata’s, no choreographed moves performed between partners trying to make each other look good.
  • Our belief is simple. To face violence and survive, your training must be as close to reality as is safely possible.
  • With it development linked back to the most active combat units of the Israeli armed forces it is easy to understand Kalah’s no nonsense, incredibly direct nature. As a system it is characterized by its explosive nature, using overwhelming aggression and surprise to subdue attackers in the most efficient way possible.

About Idan Abolnik

Idan Abolnik is the founder and chief instructor (he will not use the title ‘Master’ or ‘Sensei’) of the Kalah System. A decade of combat experience in some of the worlds most testing conflicts have given Idan a level of experience of both armed and unarmed combat that can truly be described as world class. His experience has shaped his system and he uses his real world experience from the upper echelons of the Israeli Military and diplomatic protection teams to develop techniques unsurpassed in their effectiveness.

Upon entering the Israeli military Idan was selected to join one of their most respected units, the Golani. During his active service he took part in countless high-risk operations both internally and externally to Israel as well as being responsible for unit training. The Golani are well known for unparalleled operational experience within Lebanon and Gaza making them some of the most hardened fighters within the IDF.

Close Protection and Diplomatic Protection

Moving on from the Israeli Special Forces Idan was selected to join the Security Services via the internationally renowned ‘GR’ selection and training course. During his time in diplomatic protection Idan protected numerous high profile individuals (including former Israeli Presidents and cabinet ministers) both domestically and internationally.

Development of the Kalah System

After completing his service with the Israeli government Idan continued to provide training to a number of well known governmental institutions, police forces, specialist military units as well as national airlines and private companies. In 2003 he formalized his system, naming it Kalah.

Kalah is fast becoming internationally recognized as one of the most effective combat systems around. It is being adopted across military and LE units globally with training centers opening across South Africa, Europe and the United States.