Golani Israeli Security Specialists

Golani Israeli Security Specialists is a specialist security training and service provider.

The purpose of Golani is to provide professional security training and services in a country (and also the world) where the need for professional and quality security services and reality are quite contradictory.

There is a need for quality over quantity, a concept that has been proven to work in all manner of business. For some reason, this is an ignored concept in the security sector, especially in South Africa. Golani aims to fill this large gap in the security sector of South Africa.
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True Krav Maga Launch

Golani Israeli Security Specialists decided it had to make its Krav Maga offering more visible and counter act the immense influx of poor "commercial" Krav Maga that is currently prevalent in South Africa and world wide.

True Krav Maga is Kalah System

KALAH is the system Krav Maga was supposed to become!

We'd like you to make the most educated decision possible when you decide to pursue training in a self-defence/combat system. Make sure you thoroughly read the pages on the differences between different systems on the KALAH website and then also attend a demonstration at the studio closest to you.

A demonstration will definitely answer all your questions and also eliminate all doubt as to whether KALAH is effective and different from other self-defence/combat systems. Also be sure to watch the various videos that show the differences between "commercial" Krav Maga techniques and KALAH techniques.

Please visit the KALAH website for more details.

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